Lottery for All

UK and AusLotto are both Done,

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AusLotto Update

Did i say 30th June...... ummm.......

Yeah no problems, don't even worry about it. And i'm hoping to get the UK Lotto update out at the same time.

Order of Development

See this is why you must vote. Now we know what to focus on next. We had a heap of votes this time, Which is great. Also love the feedback that I get, People asking about different sports, Apps or just anything.

Aus Lotto App

We had Aus Lotto about ready to go. However i hated it, Somehow the Results just didn't look all nice.

So.... seeing as we've moved to a new language, It's redesign time. I've got Jose back in the Lab cooking the graphics up. (He's a genius with Web Sites and I've turned him onto creating the app interfaces for us as well.

So I personally will ensure Aus Lotto is released On or Before June 30, Who cares about tax time, that's what accountants are for.

AFL 2.0 Prototype

We're Currently working on an AFL 2.0, Which is migrated to our new programming method. Which has meant it has taken 3 - 5 days to create in the new language. Compared to nearly a month per app previously.

We're extremely excited and We'll see AFL 2.0 Live Soon. We're just Dotting a few t's and crossing some i's ;) and it'll be ready.
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